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Easter Clues Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Mar 22

Get a head start, download and print your answer sheet on the file below.

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Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

1.Come and visit where cuddly onesies and playful toys await for the cutest customers.

2. Find the next place, where locks and Mane are transformed with skill and style.

3. Rocket into the treasures of yesteryear, where nostalgia reigns with cool and retro items and illustrated designs.

4. Your next destination awaits where DIY dreams are constructed.

5. Be welcomed in a space of blooms in a colourful paradise of petals and greenery.

6. Your next clue will take you to a cozy spot where you can sip a brew and embrace your LOVE for coffee.

7. Look into a place where clothing and accessories find their cherished new owners.

8. You'll be stunned to see the store with the leopard prints.

9. Find the place where you can improve your home where you shower and cook.

10. Look out for the store with aisles of things you need for your health and well being.

11. Craving for delicious pies, donuts and coffee? Find the right route to find all these.

12. Find where your friend Mela is and you’ll find your destination

13. You’re not looking for Katy Perry or Peri Peri sauce. You want to find a place where your hair can get a makeover.

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