The KYND Butcher

The Kynd Butcher is Victoria's 1st Plant Based Butcher, located in the heart of Ascot Vale at 113 Union Road. It was the idea of Amanda Lethlean after turning plant based 4 years ago, initially due to health concerns and nutritional needs.

Connecting with Matt Sipala, a personal trainer and fellow vegan, together they opened the store in December 2019. Not your regular ‘butcher’, it's a small store that focuses on assisting the community to change a meat eating meal into a plant based alternative.

In most cases it’s as easy as substituting one product for the other. We provide a large variety of plant based products which include sausages, burgers, mince, salami, deli meats, roasts and a small vegan grocery line to complete your meal.

Our mission is to reduce the impact on the agriculture industry with no animal products in the store - it's cruelty free all the way!

The environment is a big part of the philosophy with a focal point on limiting packaging, using biodegradable containers and ‘butchers’ paper to be less impactful and more sustainable. Products are purchased in bulk with our house made items being a plant based speciality.

We are proud of the fact that we can feed the meat eaters, vegetarians, and the vegans of the community whilst also considering the animals and nurturing the planet.

Matthew has since moved on to focus on his studies and Amanda, the founder is still dedicated in helping our plant-based community.



Phone Number

113 Union Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032, Australia


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